Thank you.

Thank you to the citizens of the Paulding Judicial Circuit who have placed your trust in me to serve you faithfully and honorably as your next Superior Court Judge. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly, and I humbly request your continued faith, prayers, and support.

David Lyles for Judge Election Results

Thank you to Mr. Pike and Mr. Worthy and to their campaign staffs for running clean and honorable campaigns worthy of the position we all sought. I wish you both good luck and good health as you each continue your distinguished careers in the law.

Thank you to those who worked the polls yesterday and for the preceding three weeks during early voting to ensure that our elections were properly and fairly conducted.

Thank you to so many people who interrupted their lives yesterday to stand in the heat and wave signs in support of me and my campaign. I especially want to thank my administrative assistant and guardian angel who used a day of vacation to work a 12-hour shift at the Watson Government Complex poll on her birthday.

Thank you to the team of people who comprised my inner circle. Your dedication, time, energy, and input throughout the past couple of months has been invaluable to me. I could never be in this position without your help.

Thank you to my boss who first gave me the courage to believe I could do this, then the encouragement and support to make it happen. Thank you to my trial partner who has covered our courtroom during the times I have needed to be away.

Thank you to my wife who has not only endured my stress during this process, but has managed to keep our home up and take care of our son so many days and nights while I was campaigning. I love you so much and I am so thankful for all you do.

Thank you to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By Him and through Him all things are possible.

If there is anything this election process has taught me it is that you cannot make it alone. Again, thank you all for your help, encouragement, and support. I look forward to serving as your next Superior Court Judge.